House with Eyes, Newburgh NY
Toni Rose, Newburgh NY
Victoria holding her friend's baby, Newburgh NY
Buildings in Snow, Newburgh NY
Ben (Summer on Broadway), Newburgh NY
Shataia (Girl with Graffiti), Newburgh NY
Lace Curtain, Newburgh NY
Point and his daughter, Newburgh NY
Girl with her friend's baby, Yahinese, Newburgh NY
Playboy Belt, Newburgh NY
Ivy Covered House, Newburgh NY
Cinnamen (Smile on Broadway), Newburgh NY
Football Jersey, Newburgh NY
Child with Grandmother, Newburgh NY


Published in 2012 by W.W. Norton

In 1996, following a tip from a friend one day, photographer Dmitri Kasterine drove 15 miles from his home in Garrison, N.Y., to nearby Newburgh. What he found there was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Dmitri was immediately drawn to the crumbling Victorian houses, the neglected buildings, and, most strikingly, the unassuming grace of the people on the street. But when he tried to take his first photo, his subject told him to go away. Still, Kasterine returned, and kept coming back for the next 20 years.

“Nobody has ever done quite this,” Kasterine says, “which is to say, look at these beautiful people.”

Citation: Jordan G. Teicher, The Picture Show, NPR