How does a photographer get that one perfect shot? In Who How When Where, acclaimed photographer Dmitri Kasterine shares the candid and personal stories behind photographing some of the 20 th century’s most important cultural figures and the everyday people and events that inspire the photographer’s art.

Alongside over 80 photographs from a body of work spanning over six decades, Kasterine offers his observations and intimate reflections on shooting icons like Stanley Kubrick and Mick Jagger, as well as photographing local people outside the studio, like a female construction worker in New York and Mimi, the young acrobat through whom Kasterine deeply reconnects to his Russian heritage. Kasterine takes us on his encounters with subjects in casual, unscripted moments in “life-going-on” photographs shot in locales as near as Brooklyn and as far as Karachi. And, walking side-by-side with Kasterine through the streets of Newburgh, New York, we see what the artist sees, in stunning portraits chronicling the beauty, struggles, and triumphs of people making their home in a city in decline.

More memoir or photo journal, than technical how-to, Who How When Where offers insight into how and what the photographer sees—what Kasterine calls “the jolt,”—and how he captures the energizing moment when he sees the photograph he must take. Who How When Where speaks to anyone who loves photography and who wonders how a photographer sees and gets the perfect shot, again and again.

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