Amor Towles, writer, 2019

Caroline heard Amor talk about his book A Gentleman in Moscow at the Garrison Library. She thought he would be good to photograph. I wrote to him and he agreed. I took this picture in his garden in Cold Spring, NY in 2019. He lives in a lovely house in even more lovely grounds. After I took the photograph he asked us in and made some Lapsang Soughong tea. 

We talked about my Russian father who was an ADC to Grand Duke Dmitri. My father fought the Germans, then the Red Army, finally escaping through Finland with six of his men and an uncut diamond that his mother gave him before he left St.Petersburg. When he arrived in England he sold the diamond and bought a car and a suit.

We miss Amor a lot. He lived only a couple of miles away from us in Garrison, NY. You never know he might find his way up here one day.