Henna and Beads
One of the greatest pleasures of being in Newburgh NY photographing and filming was coming across people dressed and styled in ways I had not seen before — more often than not, bold, loud and sexy. Here is a couple with all that, and astonishing looks as well.

How much time was spent by each of these luscious people getting to look like this? The girl, with just half her hair dyed henna? Great judgement, and then finding two shades of red straps to match and clash, but so gently so. And he, with that muddled mass of beads lying on the Gucci initial circles. Who would dare!

And now to those lovely faces: those lips — those perfect lips! 

Which are more perfect, his or hers?

One of my troubles is that I often want to ask my subjects all sorts of questions about themselves, but, being usually so relieved at getting the picture, I scram before they change their minds about the whole thing and snatch my camera away from me. It has never happened, but worrying about what has not happened, but could happen, has often happened.