Mikaila, girl on a picnic table

A summer photograph to celebrate the short time we experience warmth, plants and hummingbirds. Mikaila describes herself as a God loving, people loving, tarot card reader.

“Which God is that?” I asked

I gathered from her vague muttered answer that it was not the Christian God, more like Buddha. As we know, though, Buddha is considered an extraordinary being, but not a god. I left it alone and proceeded with what I saw as her gift.

I said, “I think you know what people are about just by looking at them.”

She replied with a modest nod and murmur. She added “But of course I still need the cards.” She then sat down opposite me and laid out the cards.

I thought: who would not want to be sat down and looked at by Mikaila, God or no God, cards or no cards. She told me she is self taught from books as to what the cards mean and how to use them. There was nothing hesitant about what she said when she asked me to take a card, or when she was laying the cards out or looking through them. She has a very confident manner which in itself makes you wonder if what she is saying might be true. She told me she had only one rule when she did a reading: no questions to be asked about love life.