Nicole Bartlett, yoga instructor
I did not want to photograph Nicole as a yoga instructor. I had already done a close up picture of her but thought I could do better, so I attended one of her classes in case I saw something that was not like the millions of photographs of yogis sitting looking calm and collected. What struck me at her class was the confident way Nicole moved around the room, carefully avoiding touching any of her students. I was also impressed by what she was wearing. She moved with the ease and grace of an athlete in slow motion. I wanted to capture this in a still photograph and returned to do so one afternoon after her class. As good as her word she had emptied the studio of her fellow yogis and we had the place to ourselves. I did not know what I wanted in the way of a pose so I just asked her to stand with her feet well apart as though she was making a large stride, and to do what ever she felt like with her arms. Without hesitation this is what she did. It is a photograph, admittedly not altogether without calm, but a photograph of a yogi I have not seen before.