Doug and Amy
Wanting to live differently, without so many possessions and in far less space, Doug Reilly, seven years ago bought a 1947 Spartan Manor Travel Trailer, restored it and lived and worked in it. Made in Oklahoma by a World War II aircraft manufacturer, the company, with no orders for aircraft after the war ended, retooled and designed and manufactured a trailer.

First in the Catskills and then in the woods above Oneonta NY, Doug and his partner Amy lived until very recently. The small space needed attention, moisture was creeping in and then mold. The floor was wearing thin from the traffic around the one table. Doug used the table for his sewing, then he cleared his stuff away to let Amy do her lino cuts, and when that was cleared away they would eat off it. 

To relieve the space problem they opened a store in Oneonta where Doug works on his five or six vintage sewing machines making, among other articles, canvas and leather bags of all sizes and uses, and Amy her lino cut cards. See

From the comparative comfort of their small apartment in Oneonta they can think about the repairs and general maintenance that the trailer needs. Other ideas they are considering are to build a cottage from hay bails or Cob (mud and straw).