Woman in Red

I spied this woman in red as I was leaving Price Chopper in Cooperstown, NY. She was being polite and helpful with the customers who were foolish enough to think they saved time checking themselves out.

I asked her if I might photograph her, explaining I did not have my camera with me, but could she spare five minutes tomorrow and wear what she was wearing now.

“I'll be wearing this exact same outfit for the next five weeks and be here almost every day.”

Good, I'll see you tomorrow. Would you be allowed not to wear a mask?”

“Like this you mean?” She dropped her mask to round her neck.

“That will be great, thank you. See you tomorrow.”

I turned up at 2:30 the next day and there she was wearing the same outfit.

“Wait a minute,” she said, “The big-wigs are here. Go and set up and I'll be out.”

Minutes later there she was, minus mask, asking where I wanted her. She was 

back with the customers within two minutes.

Before I left I asked her if she had any watercress.

“Yes, I am sure we have,” she replied and went into a isle and came back with a tin. That didn't seem right but things change rapidly these days and maybe that's the way watercress is sold now. I looked at the tin and it said water chestnuts.